My 5 Sources of Passive Income That Make Me $35,000 Per Month

In this video, I’m going over my 5 sources of passive income that now generate around $35,000 of profit each month! As a serial entrepreneur, I’m always looking for ways to work less, but create more income. Over the past 5 or so years, I’ve slowly built these passive income streams. I’m sharing them with you to give you ideas and inspiration for creating your own passive businesses!

Make sure to watch all the way through, as I’ll show you how I built each income stream, and my tips for you to start your own. I want to show you guys that it IS possible to create wealth while getting creative, and doing things you love.

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Here are my 5 current passive income streams:

1. My real estate investment property. I’ll talk about how we were able to build instant equity with this condo in Los Angeles, and how much positive cash flow it brings in today.

2. Affiliate marketing. I’ll go over what this is, and how promoting other businesses’ products and services can bring in a significant amount of monthly revenue.

3. Amazon FBA (private labelling). One of the most passive forms of e-commerce that exists today – I’ll show you what it is and give you an idea of how you can start your own e-commerce brand.

4. YouTube Adsense. Though not completely passive, it sure does feel like a passive income stream most deals. This is from creating ad revenue through my YouTube videos. I’ll also talk about how much money I make and compare it to my stats just half a year ago.

5. Stock portfolio. I invest in both index funds and individual companies, so the growth and dividend payouts from my investments give me a passive income stream. Right now, this makes me the least amount of money of all these income streams, but investing is one of the best things to do with your money.

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If you’ve wanted to learn how to build passive income or become a 6 figure entrepreneur, you’ve come to right place. I hope you guys get some value out of this video! The purpose of it is to inspire you and give you ideas for creating your own passive income sources! I am 100% rooting for each and everyone of you to succeed beyond your wildest dreams. And I know you can do it.

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